MS Edge Chromium "Recommended" policy settings is not applying

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MS Edge Chromium "Recommended" policy settings is not applying but mandatory policy is getting update.We need recommended setting so user can over do it as per their wish

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This Recommended policy status is showing as Ok but not getting reflected in browser and where as Mandatory policy is getting applied


@Rajprakash To confirm, once the HomepageLocation policy is set as recommended, what are the users trying to change?  Is it the homepage URL or can you provide more detail?



I think I have the same problem. The settings are in "recommended" but I (user) can't update. It seems this is a known bug:

The recommended version of this policy does not currently work and functions exactly like the mandatory version.

Any idea when this will be fixed. This is really annotying problem.

@MarceloGarcia2049 Hello - Here is a link to the policy description: Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Learn


Here is a section from the policy description: 


Are you trying to change the home page URL or choose the behavior for the Home button?