Missing option "Open in Internet Explorer"

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In Edge Classic there was an option to open a website in Internet Explorer:



Is there a way to enable such a menu item as well?

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@Klose_BW Thanks. This works, yes.

But, I want to open the site really in MSIE - not in IE Mode. And I can't tell the users they should open Edge with that command, that's not a user friendly solution.

Hi @stesch79, our hope is that users will stop needing Internet Explorer with the addition of IE Mode in Microsoft Edge.  The problem is that once users start browsing in IE, they will tend to continue to use IE even when browsing sites that work best with modern browsers.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

Based on this thought, it seems that IE Mode should be added for non-enterprise users of Edge Chromium as well to reduce the use of IE for further browsing.


No. Non-Enterprise can use IE (itself) that is in their OS; if they think they, REALLY, need it.  Better is to let it go the way of the dodo bird.  We will never get some people off of IE if keep making it (easily) accessible.  Should take pre-10 Windows Operating Systems & IE and put the whole lot in the same time capsule.


The button uses the same mechanics as the normal IE mode.
Simply use the XML-file to define which sites should open in IE in another window and it should work.

The command line switch could be added to the shortcuts and registry during deployment with a Batch/PowerShell Script.



It will be much more nice if this option open a new tab in "IE mode" rather than a separate windows