MicrosoftEdgeupdate service program causes Interactive Services Detection on managed system

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Dear reader,


I noticed that I get a ISD from program  C:\Program Files\EU5BE5.tmp\MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe when it starts once in a while.

This seems to faile the update process.

Anyone seen this before?

Platform: Windows 7 SP1, all patches, standard user logged in (no local admin rights)




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Hi @Henno_KeersI am not sure what the acronym ISD stands for, but the MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe does periodically come alive and check to see if there are any updates available.  If there are, the browser will download and install the update, then alert the customer to the need to reboot to get the updated bits.  Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk , ISD is "Interactive Servicees Detection".



You get an ISD popup if a Service from layer 0 tries to interact with the GUI, but is not allowed to do so.

It usually means "bad design" or doing things that are not allowed on Windows since Windows Vista..


Regards, Henno.



I suggest to stop the "Interactive Service Detection" Service on your Win7 Machines. It is not running by default. Is there a usecase on your side to have it in a running state?