Microsoft Edge User Content for Communication and Training


Sharing a new round of Edge adoption content for you to utilize in your roll-out of Edge. The new round of content is attached for your immediate use in your own roll-out. You'll find new one-pagers, videos, email templates, and GIFs.



If you are just getting started with Edge you can request assistance from FastTrack to accelerate your Edge roll-out. In the future you'll find these resources included in the FastTrack Resource Hub.


Refer to the following posts to download the package in the desired language:

  • German (DE-DE)
  • French (FR-FR)
  • Italian (IT-IT)
  • Japanese (JA-JP)
  • Korean (KO-KR)
  • Portuguese (PT-BR)
  • Thai (TH-TH)
  • Vietnamese (VI-VN)
  • Simplified Chinese (ZH-CN)
  • Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW)


What types of content would you like to see added to the kit in the future?

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@Brian Shiers 

I am interested to see PowerPoint slides where we could use to present about Microsoft Edge.

It is possible to use these contents and make our own PowerPoint but it would be interesting in case we PowerPoints ready for presentation.

@Brian Shiers 

This is great! I'm sure we will use this content!

However, would it be possible to post the pdf file, from email, in docx format? This introduction looks awesome, but there's some features that we're not using in our company, and I was wondering if I could edit this file a bit. 




@Reza_Ameri-Archived I'd recommend you leverage the videos and decks posted from Ignite on these sessions:


Microsoft Edge – State of the browser in 2020

Search where you’re already working with Microsoft Search: Vision, Strategy, Roadmap


@Brian Shiers Can you make one for home, and not for business?

@annasobiak The content from the PDF attachment is available as stand-alone .docx files in the "Tips" folder. You can assemble the content that is relevant for your situation. Does that address your need or are you looking for the single document?

Thank you @Brian Shiers for links, they are very useful.

Hope to have more contents like this.

@annasobiak attaching the PPT version of the PDF to allow you to readily customize for your use.