Microsoft Edge newest version 92, issues with select boxes datalists

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When we try using a page with a <select> and a datalist and search in the list, the edge browser randomly breaks and causes the entire page to reopen.


The error is Microsoft Edge Closed unexpectedly.


This worked in the prior versions of Edge (prior to V91) and there seems to have been a patch about the # of records shown in the datalist that may have contributed to this which was on previous forum.


That seems to be fixed and now this other issue has taken its place.  It's also not consistent, seems to happen sometimes.



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@Mike_Michaud865 Hello!  Yes, I can see the previous datalist issue about number of records has been fixed in V92.  


Taking a quick look, I was not able to find any other reports about the new issue you are encountering.  


 Would you please submit diagnostic data through our in-browser feedback tool? It's under "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback. Understand it is inconsistent but if you could "recreate problem" that would help troubleshoot.   Additionally, to help the team find the feedback easier you can include the string "datalistbugTechCommunity" and comment below once you've submitted it. 



When we try to record the session we are unable to because the edge browser crashes.



Did you happen to see my earlier comments? it shows the other reported issue and that it also doesn't work in w3c website testing.

@Mike_Michaud865 Thanks!  I've passed all the information on to the team.  We can keep you updated with any updates/insights. 




what is the current status of this bug?
We can‘t use Microsoft Edge at the moment in our business because web applications are broken.

Is there a little information for us about this? We need the fix, our colleges call us every day.

Thanks in advance :thumbs_up:

@Dennis1993 @Mike_Michaud865 Hi!  Thanks for checking in!  Our developers are currently actively working on the fix.  We will let you know once the fix has been released. 





@Mike_Michaud865 @Dennis1993 We've had a fix for this issue released in Microsoft Edge Canary Channel version 94.0.994.0+.  We are currently investigating if it can be also backported and we'll keep you updated if we can get included in v92 or v93.  





Hi Everyone - Microsoft Edge Stable Version 93.0.961.38 was just released today.  It should have the fix for the issue.  If you are continuing to reproduce even after updating please let us know.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y The fix isn't working. The browser still crashes after updating
Yes 93.0.961.38 fixed F11 for me - it was causing > Edge to close unexpectedly, I will check on other computers later to confirm.

@leonhering25 Would you be able to share more information?  Like steps to reproduce (link to site) and also what MS Edge version you are using?  





@Kelly_Y I'm using the Edge version 93.0.961.38. My OS is Win10, Version 20H2, Build 19042.906. The browser crashes when I use auto fill in fields. When I write something in an input field and click the auto fill in text, the browser crashes. Sometimes it is enough to just go over this text with the corser.


However, the error does not always occur, only occasionally.

@leonhering25 If you can provide a site that will consistently reproduce I can pass it along to the team.  


Also, if you haven't had a chance yet, when you encounter the issue can you please submit diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)





@leonhering25 Hi.

Sending diagnostic data immediately after an unexpected shutdown or other Edge misbehavior allows the team to quickly analyze and then resolve it - you can tell the Edge team is really working well!

I‘ve the same problem which is leonhering25 says with the new version. Nothing changed for me after the upgrade. The problem still exists.

How I can send you a crash file? Where is this located? Can I upload the file here?



Do not send anything here !
In the Edge click on the 3 dots ( settings , at the bottom are the reviews ) and there expand and click attach and there click send.
If you add your email address, the Edge team will send you a thank you note - that is the best way !


Truly the Edge team analyzes tickets and crash logs to resolve the issue


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@A1-A1 @Kelly_Y Sorry for the late reply. For me, the Edge still crash even with version 93.0.961.47. But if I start it as an admin, it stop crashing and run perfectly. Maybe that's necessary or helpful for the problem solution. I have also submit the diagnostic Data through the browser.