Microsoft Edge Chromium - Possibility to disable mobile device sync settings by GPO

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We want to completely disable all possibilities to sign in Edge and also want to disable whatever sync service. We have set all availabe group policy options to disable log in and sync. But in the Edge settings a sign in button still exists. How to disable also this one?



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@FloHB why do you want to disable sync? You have no Office365 contract in place?


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We also would like to disable the login, sync, and share function in our edge chromium, for our administration prohibits uncontrolled data transfers to private accounts due to us holding sensitive and confidential information. We would appreciate you providing us with what has, originally - been enquired.


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I don’t know why that should be related to Edge, but we are using Office 2016 Standard and Professional, not 365.

@laxe24 Isn't there an option to disable personal account sign in, and only allow company accounts? (and this way comply with administration rules?)


We want to stay offline entirely on microsoft edge, for the use of either a private nor a company account comply with our administration's data regulation. Are there even any intention of not using mentioned functions?

@dmutsaers if you enforce that accounts only can logon with your domain.topdomain then you have blocked out the gmail, outlook and hotmail accounts.


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I agree. I would like to hide or disable edge://settings/devices (just like any other options to log into or sync with Edge). Use case: Public-Access-Computers.

Please make disabling the mobile device sync settings by GPO, possible! Thanks!

@FloHB We also want to disable this whole section with group policy.

@DeltaWasp @FloHB @laxe24 @abadiya @Henno_Keers Hi Everyone! 


We just had a recent update and starting with version 90.0.796.0+ the page/section in Settings will be completely hidden when either SignIn or Sync are set to disabled via Group Policy. The section won't show up in the navigation page in settings and the URL to get to this page will also not work (the user will just be redirected to the root of the Settings experience).  Hopefully this will help address some of the concerns!  Thanks!





Hello, can this please be added as a separate GPO like originally requested? I want to use sync but I don't want that page there -- I don't support phone usage right now and don't need the headache. Thank you.

@kqf_chris Hi!  I have reached out to the team and passed on your specific request.  If there are any updates we will let you know!  Thank you! 



@Kelly_Y I agree with @kqf_chris , a separate GPO for this is needed, we use local snyc but do not allow for the user to set up any type of cloud sync, as i understand as we use signin gpo that means this solution wont deactivate this page in our case