Microsoft Edge Chromium - GPO for setting default search engine but don't lock the setting

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I have found no way to set the default search engine for the new Microsoft Edge without locking the settings. I've tried the well known Edge search engine GPO settings mentioned in this thread: Edge-Chromium GP - How to set google as default, bypass first run dialog, and have tab page without .... But after applying the GPO the settings are locked and users can't change it anymore. I also did some research in the Chromium preferences documentation ( with the goal to create a master preferences file, but found no parameter which will preselect another of the available search engine-presets.

Edge Version 81.0.416.68

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@FloHB same request came from within our organisation to change the default address bar search engine to Google as a preference. Setting it to Google means loosing searching in Office365 data and documents, but it is for users to change.

We would like to have a preference here.

There is no setting at the moment. We are going to solve it with a rollout document and a small piece on youtube.


reg, Henno

@Henno_Keers You can upgrade to latest ADMX, next, use Default search provider into "Microsoft Edge Default setting" part instead Microsoft Edge.

It allow user to change default search engine. Check it using edge://policy/ , settings should be in "Recommended" instead of "mandatory"