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As Microsoft will discontinue IE, therefore we are deploying Microsoft Edge in our organization. I have downloaded the MIS pack and ADMX files. I can push the package in my company but it is hard to find relevant GPOs.


I am missing GPO to control Edge, like Zone settings, Set Local Intranet sites, Set Trusted Sites, Set Content off, remove Office 365 App Launcher button, set language, enable time and weather.


I want to remove IE and replace by Edge.


Can you please guide me how to achieve this? 


Thank you.


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@DineshVerma Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  Great to hear you are moving to MS Edge! 


As you know Microsoft Edge is now built on Chromium and there are some IE policies that do not exist in MS Edge.  


To start, our Enterprise documentation can be found here:  and specifically for MS Edge Policy documentation take a look here: 


One thing that changed between IE and MS Edge is Security Zones.  Eric Lawrence, a Principal Program Manager on our team has written this amazing blog post that goes in depth on the topic: 


We also have a new policy for Languages that will be included in Version 89:


Also, a couple other things I wanted to mention, if your organization still needs to access legacy sites, you can use Internet Explorer mode on MS Edge.  When you are on a corporate device (managed by your organization), the IT admin can configure your application to open in Internet Explorer mode. Here's some guidance -


And lastly, we have our FastTrack team available to help with deployment of MS Edge. 


Please let us know if you have any other questions.  Thanks!  




@Kelly_Y Hi, Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for giving zone settings and language settings document.


What about the other feature? Is it possible to control the following items via GPO:

How to Set "Content off"?

How to remove "Office 365 App Launcher button"

How to clean remove IE so Edge can take over?


This will help me to deploy Edge in my organization.


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@DineshVerma Hi Dinesh!  Sorry!  I'm not familiar with those GPOs that you've mentioned.  


In regards to the question about removing IE, after migrating to MS Edge will you need to open legacy sites using IE mode (  IE11 is necessary for IE mode to work properly.  


Have you been able to take a look at the FastTrack team?  They are a great resource to help deploying MS Edge!  Have a great weekend! 



@DineshVerma Just wanted to send a quick follow up specifically about your IE11 question.    


Shilpa Subramanian, PM on the IE mode team,  just posted a survey to understand areas where IE mode might not cover all your legacy browsing needs. 


Please see: Requesting feedback on Internet Explorer mode - Microsoft Tech Community


We would love to hear any feedback!  Thanks!