Microsoft Edge - cant see new outlook emails until I refresh the page

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Hi, my client is having an issue with Office365 Outlook Web App when using Microsoft Edge. If I sent an e-mail it does not fetch the new e-mail item or provide any notification / update the mailbox. The emails only show up after they refresh their page.


I tried Google Chrome on the same computer and didn't have this issue. On chrome the inbox refreshes itself and and notification pops up as well. I suggested switching to Chrome but they are reluctant.. 


I have tried reinstalling MS Edge, clearing cache, disable all plugins and playing around with the settings but nothing seems to work. It looks like a browser related issue. Any idea how to resolve this?


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@itsrobinhood Hello!  Does this issue only happen on one specific device?  Or are other computers in the organization affected as well?  


I did a search on other Tech Community posts (Office 365 discussion space) and previously there have been similar issues reported due to shared mailboxes or service disruptions.  In your scenario, I'm not sure if it is an issue with OWA or the browser.  Have you reached out to Support?  Microsoft Support

They should be able to gather logs and help investigate your specific case.  Thanks! 



@itsrobinhood I'm having the exact same problem. I switched over to Edge this week and this issue is driving me crazy. Everything updates just fine in Chrome, but not in Edge. 


I see the number in bold that I have new emails in the inbox; however, the actual emails don't show up unless I refresh my screen.