Microsoft Edge 86 missed AD Template configurations

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We have been using Microsoft Edge 85 stable version and manage it via Domain Group Policy. We had set some of policies such as Home, Favorites and were working fine till Oct 8, 2020 and today Oct 11, 2020 we noticed that Microsoft Edge 86 is installed, and here is the observations:

  1. Microsoft Edge 86 ignored Domain Group Policies such as Main Home Page.
  2. As we are using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge 86 promote user to Enable Sync. And if user decline it, then All personal stuff such as Personal Favorites, Edge Collections are deleted!!

On client side:

  • edge://policy ; Policies are enabled but home page as example it does not open when browser is open!

How to ensure the home page as example will back to normal on Edge 86 as it was functioning on Edge 85?

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@Yaseenhh Hello - Thanks for reaching out and we want to help investigate the issues you've started seeing with version 86.  


In order to loop in the correct folks on the team, do you know specifically what policies are being ignored?  


For example:



Can you provide a little more information about the experience with the homepage?  Is there an error message seen or does the browser navigate to an unexpected page?  


For the sync issue, if there isn't any personal/private information on your screen, can you please share a screenshot/GIF of the message users are seeing?  Does it specifically occur when they open Microsoft Teams?


If you haven't had a chance yet, can you also please submit diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)


Thank you! 




Thank you for your reply. Here is the actions was taken:

  • The big concern was (auto-update) which causing the upgrade of Edge to latest stable version instead the tested one on our lab. So, we disabled the auto update via Domain GPO.
  • The home page and other settings were back as normal after restarting the workstations. 

So, the issues mentioned on this post are resolved by restarting the workstations! 

Thank you for suggestions. 


@Yaseenhh Hi Yaseen - Great to hear everything is now working as expected!  Thank you for following up and letting us know.   Have a great week!