Manifest v3 and Extensions


I realize that Microsoft is following Chromium on switching to the Manifest V3 standard for browser extensions, but I would implore Microsoft to reconsider allowing some MV2 extensions like uBlock to exist on the Microsoft Edge Extension web store.


In enterprise environments, there are limited applications that allow this type of functionality in browsers, and using an extension like uBlock has allowed our users' browsing to remain secure (ie: no spammy popups, redirects, ads, malware links, etc). It also helps save network bandwidth at home and in the office by blocking these web requests before they can be initiated by the site.


Browser such as Brave (which also run on Chromium) are also continuing to support certain MV2 extensions, so there is no technical reason why Microsoft couldn't do the same.


If MV3 does go ahead as planned and remove MV2 extensions, then there may be room for Microsoft to implement some sort of its own malicious adblock/redirection blocking in Edge (SmartScreen/Enhanced Security currently does not do what extensions like uBlock Origin do).

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@lexcyn Thanks for the feedback!  I've passed it on to the team!  


Also, there is continuing conversation in the uBlock GitHub regarding this topic:

Chrome extension manifest v3 proposal · Issue #338 · uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues (