Managing Share, copy and paste in group policy

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The 'Link' format under the 'Share, Copy and Paste' section (edge://settings/shareCopyPaste) does not work for us generally, so we'd like to set the default to 'Plain Text', but still allow users to switch back to the 'Link' format if they feel strongly about it. Unfortunately, setting it one way or the other in GPO, greys the setting out and prevents users changing it, which isn't too useful.


Ideally there should be an option under 'Microsoft Edge - Default Settings (users can override)'.


Please advise.  

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@DeltaWasp Hello!  Just to confirm, you want to use the ConfigureFriendlyURLFormat policy but would like the ability to configure as "Recommended" so individual users can change the setting based upon their preference.  Is this correct?  


If you haven't had a chance yet, can you also please submit this feature request through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)






Hi Kelly, that is correct. I have submitted a feature request, is there a way to keep track of it?

@DeltaWasp Thank you!  I can see the team has an active work item for this request.  We can follow up if there are any updates.  



@DeltaWasp Hello!  Following up on this thread as the team has made some recent updates to the 

ConfigureFriendlyURLFormat policy.  Starting in Microsoft Edge v105, the policy will be able to be set as "recommended"


I believe Microsoft Edge Beta Channel v105 will be released next week (Microsoft Edge release schedule | Microsoft Docs).  Let us know if you are still having an issue after updating.  Thanks!