Managing favorites with GPO

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We're currently migrating from IE to Edge (91) and I have everything ready to go via GPO except favorites. Previously, in IE, I would create a GPO for a specific favorite and apply the GPO to the OU that needed it. This allowed me to specifically target employee positions and/or locations so they wouldn't have favorites that didn't apply to them.


In Edge the GPO for favorites (User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge > Configure Favorites) only allows for 1 instance to be applied to a OU and ignores subsequent Configure Favorites GPOs.


What I need help with is configuring the GPOs similar to how I used to in IE so I do not have to manage 40+ full favorites files depending on position and location. Right now it's already going to be a task to build them but if 1 address changes instead of updating 1 GPO (IE) I'll have to update 40+ (Edge).

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@DLS-Largo Hello!  I think you have a similar scenario/question as some previous folks here in the Tech Community.  (For example:


Currently this experience is by design but I've also reached out to the team and passed on your request to them.  Thanks!