Managed Favorites - point group policy setting/registry value data to a file

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Hi All,


We're trying to centrally manage our Edge managed favorites by pointing either the Group Policy setting or Registry value data to a file containing the Managed Favorites data as opposed to entering the Managed Favorites data directly into the Group Policy.


The reason behind this is we have quite a large list of favorites we want to push out to our IT Admins and are concerned that at some point we will be limited to a certain number of characters in the registry value data. I'm also conscious that particularly large strings contained in registry value data are advised against by Microsoft to keep the registry working efficiently.


First, is it possible to point the Group Policy setting/Registry value data for ManagedFavorites to a file? So far i have had no such luck.


Second, what file format does this file need to be for Edge to read it? So far i have tried a JSON file as well as just having no file extension. 


Third, am i potentially wasting my time as for all intents and purposes the limit on how large of a string a registry value can handle will "never" be reached? 


As a general feedback, so far I've found trying to administer Managed Favorites for the new Edge a bit of a pain in particular having to go through lines of "code" with a fine-tooth comb to weed out syntax errors (i am someone with zero code writing experience). It feels like Managed Favorites are simple enough if you want to push a small number of links out to all of your users but when it comes to providing different favorites to certain users based on roles and additionally a large number of favorites nested into subfolders and sub-subfolders it becomes quite complex in comparison to the Group Policy "Shortcut" Preferences we used to be able to use for IE. If any further resource can be provided on managing a large number of favorites on Edge that would be great.


Really enjoying getting to grips with the new browser on the whole (although not so new anymore!) 



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