logon with synced AAD automatically with pre-defined sync settings

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I'd like to see that when forcing users to sign-on that the user either has less choices to select from, resp. it's more automated.

currently they have to start the browser, click on the profile, select the user, close that window, start the browser again, confirm sync, select what to sync etc.

That is way to painful for users.


I'd prefer that the logon happens completely automatically (still can switch) and what is synced is configurable with a GPO.

Basically they start the browser once, everything else is done automatically and they can use the browser directly.

The most important part here is the sync of favorites.

With the old edge/IE we redirect the favorites, resp. sync Edge with IE. The user doesn't have to do anything and always has a backup.

With the new edge they might not enable sync or favorites and never have a backup, hence loose everything.

This we can't do, that's why I hold off with doing anything productive.


Unless of course I missed that there is already an existing control of course..




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