Last Printer Option Selected - Not Saved

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I'm breaking this off into a different thread from as my results are very inconsistent. We deployed Stable about 2 weeks ago to find out that for every non-admin, the printer option selected does not save, but reverts to "Save as PDF". We can't even get the default to be the system default printer set by GPO (but again, that is a different thread), but we could live with the user having to set that value once, but that is not the case, they have to change it every time and we are a very paper-heavy company. 


I have tested with a non-admin user on one of their machines with both Stable and Canary and both have this issue.

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I've even confirmed that the change is being saved in the C:\users\keithdavis\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Preferences file:



Annotation 2020-02-06 140020.png


But when I close and reopen Edge, it ignores that setting:


Annotation 2020-02-06 140020.png


@Keith Davis 


Were you able to get this resolved? I am facing the same issue as you are in both of your threads with the single user who insists on using Edge.





No. Does work for admins, however, but not for non-admins (40+ users).

Just updated our machines to Stable 81 and this issue is not fixed!!!! Seriously??