KioskDeleteDownloadsOnExit doesn't work

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Can't get this policy to work... 



This policy only applies to Microsoft Edge kiosk mode.

If you enable this policy, files downloaded as part of the kiosk session are deleted each time Microsoft Edge closes.

If you disable this policy or don't configure it, files downloaded as part of the kiosk session are not deleted when Microsoft Edge closes.



Kiosk mode already starts in in-private mode, so whatever shows up in edge://downloads is cleared anyway with this policy enabled or not. I want it to remove files from the Download folder. 

Would like to know what this policy actually do exactly. Thanks.



Here is my environment:


Edition Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎6/‎4/‎2020
OS build 19042.804
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

Examining edge://policy shows the policy is enabled.

I set downloads folder to just users Downloads folder with the following


DownloadDirectory REG_SZ . 


Starting edge in kiosk mode like so " msedge.exe --kiosk --edge-kiosk-type=public-browsing " 


It's not actually deleting the files I download during the session, not emptying the folder when I close Edge kiosk mode. 


Microsoft Edge Version 88.0.705.68 (Official build) (64-bit) 



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@Sergeb83 Hello!  I understand you are on Microsoft Edge Version 88.0.705.68 (Official build) (64-bit), based upon the Kiosk Mode Documentation ( it says Delete downloads on exit (policy) is available with Microsoft Edge version 89 (and higher).  



Hopefully that helps!  Thanks!




I saw that also, so I downloaded the beta 89 edge and the result is the same.

This new addition is also part of their release notes for Edge version 87.


From policy explanation site it says:

KioskDeleteDownloadsOnExit Delete files downloaded as part of kiosk session when Microsoft Edge closes Supported versions:

  • On Windows since 87 or later


@Sergeb83 Hello!  Thanks for following up!  I'll connect with the Kiosk Mode team and double check.  I'll follow up with any information/insights.  



@Sergeb83 ,


Our documentation currently focuses on the Windows Assigned Access Single app kiosk experience as specified in


Also, the documentation is a work in progress - as you've noticed :)


For cases outside of Assigned Access single app mode, Edge kiosk tries deleting the files from the user's "AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\KioskDownloads" folder. If its convenient, please set the "DownloadDirectory" mandatory policy to "${local_app_data}\Microsoft\Edge\KioskDownloads" - this would ensure that the files get downloaded to this directory always, and then, the kiosk session will delete all the files downloaded to this directory when the browser is closed or the kiosk session times out.


Let us know if this helps

I tested this an it works fine. thanks for the clarification.
However, in the multi-app kiosk environment I can only allow removable drives and user's Downloads folder for now.
So it would be great if this cleanup feature for enterprise would work on other directories set with the DownloadDirectory policy where permissions permit.
Otherwise, we have no use for a multi app kiosk that cannot cleanup after itself. This policy was giving me hopes.

@Sergeb83 ,


Are you expecting to use Edge's cleanup facility to clean the directory in an environment where you'll also be configuring other apps to run (as part of the multi-app kiosk setup)? If so, there will be stability issues in the kiosk setup, as there's no guarantee that the files in that folder are not in use when Edge kiosk session is ending and it wants to clean up the files. Hence, we restricted the deletion to an Edge-specific folder, which is not configurable.


If you are not using other apps in the multi-app setup, any reason why you wouldn't be able to use the single app assigned access setup? That is programmed to look at the kiosk user's Downloads folder as Edge will be the only app allowed to run and so it can safely delete the files in that common folder. In this setup, the downloaded files will always be deleted so you do not need to set the policy. Also, in this setup, the end user has access to only the Downloads folder and will not be able to change it to other paths either (unlike multi-app or other scenarios where you might have to add additional Windows policies to lock down the end user from accessing other folders) - making "deletion of downloaded content at session end" easily enforceable.

Yeah that's a valid point.
Think I can potentially lock the files in KioskDownloads also with multi-app mode. That mode needs an End Session button.
Thanks for taking time to reply to me again.
@Sergeb83 glad that you're able to work something out! Similar to Legacy Edge running in multi-app kiosk mode, we do not have an "End Session" button for the new Edge when it is run in kiosk mode by any means other than the single app assigned access mode.

As you may have observed, unlike Legacy Edge though, the new Edge has the kiosk offering in non-assigned access setups and also, exposes the idle timeout reset and downloads deletion features outside of the single app assigned access mode.

Hope you're able to leverage the Edge kiosk features for your needs :)

@Sergeb83 you caused me to double-take when I read your post! How did you manage to allow external drives to be read when using multi-app kiosk mode? It's driving me crazy.


I'd like to also have the downloads folder clear out at the end of each kiosk session, if you ever managed to find this out?

Haven't done anything with the multi app kiosk since this post, but check this. GL
Assigned Access configuration kiosk XML reference (Windows 10/11) - Configure Windows | Microsoft Le...
search for AllowRemovableDrives