Kennwörter beibehalten wenn die Browserdaten per GPO gelöscht werden

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Hi Insiders,


wenn ich die Browserdaten von Edge beim Beenden per GPO löschen möchte, dann mache ich das mit:


Ich möchte aber, dass die gespeicherten Kennwörter nicht gelöscht werden.


Bei IE geht das mit:





Weiß jemand wie das mit Edge geht? Ich habe keine Policy gefunden...


Danke, viele Grüße


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@markus_s85 Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insiders community! 


We'll check in with the GPO team and let you know if they have any insights. To ensure that they understand your use case, can you please tell us a bit more about how or when deleting all Enterprise browser data except passwords would be helpful?


Fawkes (they/them)
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Hey fawkey,


wir haben verschiedene Software (third-party) mit browser basierendem Client, welche nach einem Update Probleme macht. Wenn der Browser Cache & Browser Cookies gelöscht werden, dann funktioniert die Software wieder.


Nach einem Update der Software möchte ich mit GPO die Browser Daten löschen, damit die User keine Probleme mit der Software haben.

@markus_s85 are your users not logged on a AAD account? Then the passwords would be synched to the azure account and save for deletion.

Lookin at the root cause of your issue, does the browser based clients have the same issue under chrome with the same major version?

Should the vendor of the web based applications not give a solution?


reg, Henno

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Hi there, 


We currently have two policies specifically for clearing Cookies and site data on browser close or Cached images and files on browser close. Do you think these policies address your needs? 


Clear cached images and files when Microsoft Edge closes (coming in Edge83) 

If you enable this policy, cached images and files will be deleted each time Microsoft Edge closes. 


Configure Cookies (currently in product) 

Set the policy to 'SessionOnly' (4) to clear cookies when the session closes.


Hope this helps, 




Hi Shirley


THX! This looks very good!


Can I combine "Configure Cookies 'SessionOnly' (4)" and "Clear cached images and files when Microsoft Edge closes"?


I've got a mixed environment, Dev (83) and Stable (80) installed on different computers in our company.

Any problems for the Stable (80) clients when I configure  "Clear cached images and files when Microsoft Edge closes" in GPO?






Hey Markus, 


Yes, you may combine the two policies "Configure Cookies 'SessionOnly' (4)" and "Clear cached images and files when Microsoft Edge closes"!


Unfortunately the "Clear cached images and files when Microsoft Edge closes" policy is new and is not available in Edge80. You will have to wait until Stable updates to Edge83 to have both policies on. 


Thank you for your patience and support!