Join us for a live Q&A on how to configure IE mode in Microsoft Edge


Did you know that IE11 desktop application will retire on June 15, 2022?


Microsoft Edge with IE mode will replace the IE11 desktop application. Join us for this live webinar to learn how to configure IE mode in Microsoft Edge in your Enterprise environment in preparation for the retirement of IE11. Register now.


Please note the 2 different sign-ups based on timezone. 


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Is there recorded videos?

@PZac2440 Hello again!  I'm not sure if this specific session was recorded but we have a whole blog series covering IE mode.  Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode blog series - Microsoft Tech Community


We also have a video with IE mode tips: Microsoft Edge | Internet Explorer mode and compatibility


Another resource I forgot to mention in my other post is the App Assure team.  Their promise is: if your web apps and sites work in IE11, supported versions of Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge Legacy, those web apps and sites should work in Microsoft Edge. If not, contact App Assure at no additional cost for remediation support. You can either submit a request for assistance through their website or reach out via email (