Issues with Kiosk Mode Refresh

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I am having issues with Edge in Kiosk Mode not wanting to refresh the page as we need it to.  I am trying to accomplish this with command line arguments, as follows:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --kiosk --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes=15

 This solution is not refreshing the session at all - is there a way to do what I'm trying? I know that there are Extensions that will auto-refresh pages, but they do not currently work in Kiosk mode.

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@KrysKy Hello!  Based upon our documentation: 



The --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes should reset the user session after the designated amount of time.  Is this what you are trying to do? 


You mentioned it is not working properly, is there any type of error?  Can you share what version of MS Edge and the OS version you are using?  Thanks!





@KrysKy ,


The --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes option is only available with the --edge-kiosk-type=public-browsing (5 minutes timeout default if --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes is not specified) and --edge-kiosk-type=fullscreen offerings (defaults to no timeout). Could you please try the timeout with this additional command line arg/value combo and get back to us in case you still have issues?


The combo --edge-kiosk-type=public-browsing --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes= working, the session closing after 5 minute idle, the only problem which I facing the MSEdge ( version 89 stable, version 91 dev) not restarting. The screen remaining black, a new MSEdge session not starting with predefined page.  It is just for me or others are experiencing the same issue. Any advice are welcome.


@Zoltan_GYORGY ,


Our kiosk documentation is still a work in progress. The "reset" part, as you observed, only closes out the current kiosk session and does not relaunch Edge kiosk with the designated page. This is because Edge kiosk is typically meant to be setup in combination with Windows features like Assigned Access ( or Shell Launcher ( for a complete kiosk experience - these Windows features take the responsibility of relaunching the configured app. 


Hope you are able to leverage any of these Windows features to fit your scenario for Edge kiosk!



Thanks @Raj_GS  for your replay, I will go with Shell Launcher as we need to use the Edge Chromium. When will be enabled the Edge Chromium for Assigned Access ( so far Edge legacy available only but no more support for Edge Legacy) then the kiosk solution can be changed from Shell Launcher to Assigned Access.


As before I am not used the Shell Launcher, can you please let me know if any GPOs can be applied or not when the device started with a custom shell ?


@Zoltan_GYORGY ,


Its great to hear that you'll be able to use the new Edge kiosk with Shell Launcher or Assigned Access for your needs! :)


To try the new Edge kiosk with Assigned Access:

  1. Use a Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise, and Education according to the documentation here: build with the latest updates.
  2. Install the new Edge Stable, Beta or Dev channel (these should install by default at system level) 
  3. Then follow the instructions here:


With Shell Launcher, Edge GPOs should work (true for Assigned Access too). I believe Windows GPOs may work for Shell Launcher (have not tried this though)