Is the fix for CVE-2022-2294 contained in Extended Stable 102.0.1245.56?

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Hi folks,


Can anyone tell me whether the fix for CVE-2022-2294 is contained in Extended Stable 102.0.1245.56? I assume that it would be, since the Stable Channel build that contains it came out on the same date, but it is not explicitly called out in the changelog. 



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This news outlet seems to think this build contains the fix:
We recommend you update to the latest build to ensure all security updates are available and they and several issues have been fixed.
However, it is available for Extended Stable: 102.0.1245.56 build too.
Based on the following website:



It looks like Microsoft has started documenting these security fixes in the changelog for Extended Stable. I noticed this when I went to check on a fix for CVE-2022-3075. It is listed as explicitly being contained in 104.0.1293.81. 

Just wanted to say that I appreciate Microsoft responding to our feedback and making this change. Thanks! 



Great the issue has been addressed.