Is syncing with your work account available for Microsoft 365 Business users?

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The blog mentions* that syncing is available for AAD Premium accounts. Syncing doesn't seem to work with Microsoft 365 Business. Is syncing with Microsoft 365 supported?


*Syncing with your work or school account is currently available for AAD Premium accounts on Windows, iOS and Android devices, and coming soon to macOS.

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Hi @Aniruddha520, it is depending on what operating system and version you are using, as well as what you want synchronized.  WE are not finished with our sync work, and so more data types and operating systems will be added as the work is completed.  Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk ,


I am using Windows 10 1903 with Edge Version (Official build) beta (64-bit). If I understand you correctly it should work with Microsoft 365 Business? When I look into Edge's settings sync, is enabled but all options (Favorites, Extensions, etc.) are grayed out. 

Hi @Aniruddha520, I will look into this, but my understanding is that for this combination, you should have at least Favorites syncing, and possibly Settings too.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

Thanks for the confirmation. Fyi I just installed the latest dev build and syncing didn't work there either. I do have multiple accounts connected to Windows. A live account and a Microsoft 365 account, both with the same email address.