Is Edge checking for Enterprise Mode site list more than once per session?

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We are planning to enabled Enteprise Mode (IE mode in Edge Chromium) and i wonder how often Edge is refreshing site list data. According to this document IE does it 65 seconds after browser starts. I suppose it does this only once and that Edge behaves the same. But i'm not sure. Is there any document describing this in more details or maybe someone can explain this from their experience (or Edge developer can provide details).

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@wroot Hello!  Thanks for your question!  I'm checking with the IE Mode team.  We will let you know when we can get further information! 



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@wroot Hello - We just heard back from the team and wanted to pass along the information. 


Please note, currently we do not have documentation about this behavior.  It is an implementation detail and therefore subject to change in the future.   


"Here is how it works currently:


  1. When MS Edge starts, if there is no cached site list, a site list download is initiated immediately.  Otherwise if there is a cached list, MS Edge checks for an update after 60 seconds.  Note that even in the former case, the download does not hold up the initial page load, which means that load is not guaranteed to get the benefit of the list.
  2. Thereafter, MS Edge checks for a list update every 4 hours while it is running.
  3. Additionally, a manual update to the site list can be triggered by clicking the “Force Update” button on the edge://compat page."


Thanks. This is very helpful for us to decide how to setup things.