Intune Edge policy's not applying to new Edge 77 & later

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Hi, I have searched for similar  answers but can only see reply's for the new admx template for AD joined devices.


I am setting up a new Azure / Intune managed domain and am creating all Intune policies from scratch. I'm still in POC stage so am working out the bugs. On of the most frustrating is the issue that once we upgrade the default edge browser on our win10 ent endpoints, with the new edge browser, the Intune policies for edge stop working. Strangely Intune reports that all policies have applied correctly. As a simple test I have set a certain url as our new home page and have set any new tab to open as the home page. I have also enabled the home button on the browser, none of them work and the page does not appear.


Any help in this matter much appreciated.


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