Internet Explorer Open and Microsoft Edge Open behave differently in NON IE Mode - BLOCKER

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Internet Explorer open Excel macro enable file in EXCEL-2016 and keep the file path as https link. While in Edge Chromium it save in local drive and than open the file to lose link with https. At the end in EXCEL ThisWorkbook.path show local link instead of https link. How to resolve this issue when dealing with Microsoft Edge and Excel to keep the link intact with https. r




How to open an EXCEL macro enabled file in EXCEL - I want to see that EXCEL open and still show path to it's original web link.


We HIT a MAJOR BLOCKER due to IE open dialog box misbehave.




Sample Code 1:

string downloadpath = "https://......./folder/filename.xlsm";
system.diagonastics.process.start (download path);


Sample Code 2

Public Void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
HttpResponse response = HttpContext.Current.Response
HttpReqeust request = context.Request;
string session = HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID;
response.Buffer = true;
response.ContentType = file.ContentType
response.BinaryWrite (file.FileData);


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@Malik1410 Hello!  It sounds like the scenario is working as expected when using Internet Explorer.  Have you tried using MS Edge IE mode?