Internet Explorer Mode startup issue.

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I am currently testing Stable Version 83.0.478.58 (Official build) (64-bit) for mass deployment and I have Edge loading at startup with a few tabs that use IE Mode.  When Edge loads the 2 tabs I have that need IE Mode do not load properly and display the message "To open this page in Internet Explorer mode, reinstall Microsoft Edge with administrator privileges."  Screen shot attached.  If I refresh the page after a few minutes it loads as expected.  I'm guessing Edge is loading before whatever service that is needed for IE Mode is loaded.  I'm hoping that this can get addressed as expect many of my users will have similar issue when we roll this out company wide.  


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Hi there,


I still don't think it is documented anywhere, but there is about a 1 minute delay between first run and when IE Mode becomes active. During this time, it is importing your site list XML and creating a file in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data called EmieSiteList.xml. 


I've tried prepopulating this file, but at the time I tested it this didn't speed things up unfortunately. 


I realize this is not a helpful solution, but this is what is going on. 



Do you think that will change or is it what it is?



Couldn't say, sorry. Haven't seen any replies from MS the other times I have posted this information. 



It looks like they did away with this delay in Edge 84. I tested with the new stable version and it loads my list immediately now.