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I am wanting to get information around moving from IE11 to Edge, if anyone is able to offer any help or advice.


As an organisation our primary browser is currently Internet Explorer 11. I have been asked to look at what would need to be done in order that we can utilise Edge as our primary browser and gradually come away from Internet Explorer 11.


I have started to look at our existing Internet Explorer setup - GPOs, user favourites etc.


I guess in an ideal world I’d like to be able to simply transfer the existing settings from IE and migrate them to Edge - by way of equivalent GPOs and a simple way for Users to transfer their favourites.


Where I am now…


I know that there is Edge integrated into Windows 10 and from what I understand feature updates bring along newer versions of Edge. I also understand that Microsoft in the new year are relaunching Edge based on Chromium, with a motion to come away from thecurrent version.


We’re predominantly Windows 10 1709/1809 and Edge 41.16299.x, with some stragglers of older versions. Our next jump is 1909.




Would I be best to focus on implantation of the Chromium based Edge and discount trying to make the existing Edge that we have work somehow?


Having read about the new Chromium based version, would I be right in thinking that I’d need to make available the admx template for group policy and additional one for managing updates?


I have also read that there are many more GPO options with the Chromium based version, so would it be worth the time and effort to attempt to implement the existing version of Edge at this time?


Would it also be best that I look at Edge as the new preferred browser, or maybe even Chrome or Firefox. Edge has been mentioned as we’re a largely Windows organisation, however as we make the other browsers available and if the case was strong enough, Icould take that back to management.


Thank you in advance for any help.

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the new Edge insider browser is multi platform, no more bound to Windows OS and you don't need to wait for semi annual updates in order to receive updates for the built-in browser of Windows 10.

here are the most useful links to articles that I think will come very handy for you. feel free to ask anything else if they don't prove the info you are looking for :)

the new Microsoft Edge browser's group policy

Windows updates to support the next version of Microsoft Edge

the new Microsoft Edge browser and Internet explorer mode (video explanation)

Group policy files (ADMX) for the new Edge insider browser

I would skip Edge Legacy and migrate straight to Edge Chromium.


Take advantage of the IE Mode support in Edge Chromium for seamless browsing of any legacy sites that rely on IE for specific functionality (sans add-ins of course).