Impossible to navigate in Skype for Business server 2015 Control Panel IE mode

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I've setted up the url of the control panel to open it in IE mode on Edge and it works.

But I cannot navigate in the control panel.


I've this error :



Do you have any idea to solve this ?


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Silverlight is deprecated, outdated technology.

Silverlight-Support doesn't exist in any modern Browser.

You have to use Internet Explorer to get Silverlight-Support or configure Edge in IE Mode for this particular site.

@Gunnar Haslinger the skype control's panel url is already setted up to use the Edge IE mode. 

And it works as you can see bellow :


But if I click on "Users" menu it doesn't work anymore.


I don't understand why it works with the home page of the skype control panel but doesn't when I navigate.

@el-fe your screenshots show, that only the first one is using IE-Mode, the second one isn't - you can easily spot it from the IE-Icon left to the padlock, which isn't showing up in the second screenshot:



@Gunnar Haslinger the second screenshot was taken just after clicking on the "Users" menu from the control panel.

This is what I've setted in the xml file for the control panel :


<site url="SfBControlPanelURL">



I suggest to do debugging as follows:


Open IE11, check if the Website where you get the Silverlight-is-required Errormessage works in IE11.

a) if it does, there seems to be a Problem in your Edge IE-Mode Configuration.

b) if it doesn't work in IE11 then your platform has a lack of silverlight-support and you have to install the prerequisites.



@Gunnar Haslinger yes it works on IE 11. All the links in the sfb control panel are working. 



As both Screenshots are anonymized I cannot see the full URLs. But what we can see is, that both end with the same string "/Cscp" but show completely different content. So I guess this "/Cscp" URL is only the outer-frame and there are frames/iframes used and maybe you have to find out the true URLs by using F12-console. But this is only a best guess.


@Gunnar Haslinger I cannot display the whole url because it contains confidential informations.

But you're right with the url. The end in edge still the same ("/Cscp") but not in IE 11.

There's some examples in IE 11 :




Since the new version 80.0.361.50, the Skype for Business Control Panel is now working properly.