IEmode not activating until page is refreshed

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I've deployed IEMode on Edge 95.0.1020.53 and configured it to activate on some sites in our SharePoint Online intranet. edge://compat/enterprise shows the correct URLs and that the policy is up to date but when browsing between SharePoint intranet sites (some of which are set to IEmode and some including the homepage are not) IE mode never activates. I can browse deep into a site which is configured for IEmode clicking multiple links to pages that are specified on the list without IEmode activating.

As soon as I refresh any of these pages they reload in IEmode correctly however then browsing to other SharePoint sites not configured for IEmode does not revert to Edge mode. Is this known behaviour for SharePoint online and IEmode? We do not have these issues with other IEmode sites.

This is all because the new "IntranetFileLinksEnabled" option inexplicitly does not allow direct opening on files from file shares but rather loads the folder they are in. This is not behaviour my users will accept. They expect to click a link to a document stored on a fileshare and have it open just like it does in IE11.

Any help would be appreciated.

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what have you configured here?