IE11 need for MS Edge compatability

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Hi MS Team,


Can you share the need of IE11 for Edge compatibility? As an enterprise we would like to remove IE11 from the users machine.



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If you want to use IE Mode in new Edge then IE11 is required.

Thanks@mindst .


Are there any alternatives or may be is it possible that IE11 is not available to the user but can remain installed in the background for the Edge to work correctly ?


The query is more towards, why is it required? Since MS recommends using the new Edge browser and because of security reasons IE11 is not encouraged.

IE11 is required to render sites that are displayed in IE Mode. You can remove all shortcuts to IE11 and make Edge default browser, so users will not be able to use in normal cases.

If you are not planning on using IE mode, then IE11 is not required.

More about IE mode:
Why not be able to remove IE from the system and in Edge. There is a option to opt in with IE mode and it downloads the required software into the browser

@Deleted, can you share the link for the option or any reference or screenshot ? Thanks

I was suggesting how they would have IE work without haveing IE installed or on another operatinbg system.
There isn't a option, it was just a suggstion. It hasnt been implented yet, sorrry.




You can set that to always open or "Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs"


Please check this policy and page, the one I linked you can make all sites no matter if its in the ie site list to open in edge. Hope taht helps :) 

I dont' know if there is a policy to make IE always open Edge yet, still finding. This dosent' remove IE but just prevnts users from accessing

Hope this works for now :)




PS" I wonder why I overlooked it


@Deleted, Thanks for the link - i will explore this for the feasibility.


Any clue, if the IE can be configured to be accessed by Edge only ?

This could be helpful since the IE will not be available to the User from the usage perspective.

In the default browser page in settings, in ie mode, please set always open IE in Edge. Please toggle the options shown in the image pelase. What that does it opens the default homepage in IE to Edge and it clsoes IE. Already tested but not sure about a policy

@MSDN_Geek @mindst Hi Everyone!  Noticed your recent discussion about IE11 and IE mode.  


Shilpa Subramanian, PM on the IE mode team,  just posted a survey to understand areas where IE mode might not cover all your legacy browsing needs. 


Please see: Requesting feedback on Internet Explorer mode - Microsoft Tech Community


We would love to hear any feedback!  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y, thanks. Submitted the feedback.