IE mode URL info is cleared by restarting edge 100(100.0.1185.29) browser

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From the Default Browser page of Edge, you can register a URL to be opened in IE mode by clicking "add" in the "Internet Explorer mode page".
In Edge99 (99.0.1150.55 (Official build) (64-bit)), the setting remained even after restarting the Edge browser after registering a URL.
However, in Edge100 (100.0.1185.29 (Official build) (64-bit)), this setting is deleted when the browser is restarted.
Can you confirm this behavior?image.png
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The same phenomenon occurs in my environment.
I hope Microsoft will fix it soon.

Hello everyone!  It looks like this is a known issue that the team is investigating.  We will follow up with any updates regarding the issue/fix.  Thanks! 



Thanks for the confirmation.
I hope it will be fixed soon.
Thanks!I hope for a quick fix.
Any ETA on when they are likely to release a fix ?

I have the same, i have deployed the site list via gpo to get around this for the time being.

Same hope this is fixed as soon as possible. Having a big impact on my users that need this.
Same problem...impact multiple users for specific applications !
I have the same,I hope for a quick fix.

Hi Everyone - It looks like our developer has released a fix to MS Edge Canary Channel v102.0.1217.0+.  They are also working to backport the fix to the other channels.  


Please update to the latest Canary version and let us know if you are still reproducing the issue.  Thanks! 



Thank you for follow.
Edge Canary Channel v102.0.1217.0 confirmed that this problem has been improved!!!
If you know, please let me know. Will it take time for this fix to be included in the official version?
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Hello!  We've just released MS Edge Stable Version 100.0.1185.36 (Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel | Microsoft Docs) and it should include the fix.  :smile:


Please let us know if anyone has any issue after updating.  Thanks! 



Verified to be fixed in this version.
Special thk!