IE mode page zoom is 25% greater than Edge zoom

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Below is original post.  It turns out that the zoom setting of the embedded IE mode page is the Edge tab zoom factor times the windows scale factor.  Thus on a machine with windows scale at 125%, the results I originally described below occur.  If the windows scale factor is 150% then with Edge set to zoom of 100%, an embedded IE mode page is set to 150%.


So the question becomes: how to prevent the windows scale factor affecting the IE mode page zoom factor...  We want the Edge and IE mode page to have the *same* zoom factor.



An Edge tab with zoom = 100% containing an IE mode page will set the zoom for the IE mode page to 125%.  Changing the Edge tab zoom to 80% results in an IE mode page zoom of 100%


Why are these not equal?  This causes issues in an application that depends upon 100% zoom for proper rendering...and runs in IE mode.



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Maybe since it is using the same files as IE, the default zoom in IE is 200% and it may be the issue? Since the default and zoom levels are conflicting?

Should send feedback about this.

@Deleted  Thanks for that gives me some good food for thought.  I am running on a 4k monitor...  Will investigate.

I have a question, how do you tell the zoom levels of a ie page?

@Deleted In this app it happens to be showing a bottom status bar that includes the zoom level.  You certainly aren't going to find out by using the F12 debugger :)

Okay, I see.

It is probably that IE and Edge have different definitions of what is that percentage as I said IE and Edge have different default zoom levels.

Try looking at this link, since it mentions you can set a registry to set a default zoom level in IE to fix it I guess?

** Please note that I am not a Microsoft employee just a fan trying to help and this is not a official microsfot page and should be looked at with cation.



@Deleted   sorry, not an app, just a view setting:




How do you do that in IE Mode in Edge?



When I go in IE mode, I dont' see that option to show the status bar, I dont' see a tab option in IE mode either except the edge one and I only can get the right click ui.


I am thinking it is still zoomed out since it is still using IE app.


Maybe changing the zoom level in IE app then go in IE mode and that helps?


I do see it is zoomed in a bit.




Should send feedback about this and so will I



@Deleted Can't find any way to show the status bar manually in IE mode. I think this was shown due to how the page is being displayed by the webapp, and also what emulation mode is being used. I don't know all the details about this webapp as I'm just beginning to work with it.

Okay, I would just send feedback about this. If you manually change the zoom levels in IE does that fix it?