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The functionality of showmodaldialog in Edge Chromium is buggy and not working as per IE11 browser mode. The issue is in case when the Modal dialog is opened and user moves the focus to any other window opened on computer; the opened modal window is lost and therefore the Parent window is unusable also.


Following compatibility is used for the website in the Edge policy for IE mode:

<site url="myIE11website">
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We have also experienced this issue. Try Alt+Esc to get that dialog back, but it should have some other means to navigate back to IE Mode tab with that modal dialog.

@mindstThanks for the tip, but its complex to inform all the users and is not intuitive. The behavior if not visible in the IE11 browser.



Microsoft friends, can someone look into this issue since this is the basic feature of using the Modal dialog. The issue can be easily replicated by following steps:

1. Open any Modal Dialog

2. Visit desktop or minimize all windows by shortcut key, Win+D,

3. When you restore the Edge Window, the opened Modal dialog is invisible and it cannot be restored.


@josh_bodner, can you help pass within your team and share some update?


Thanks for your help and looking into this.


What channel of Edge are you seeing this behavior in?  I'll definitely pass this info onto the team, but if you're seeing this in Beta or Stable, you should also try your scenario in Dev or Canary to see if it also happens there. 

We have also had multiple users experience this on the latest stable/production release.  I have not tested any of the newer channels, but I will report back if I get a chance to.

@josh_bodner, the Microsoft Edge version for our environment is Version 80.0.361.62 (Official build) (64-bit).

Can you help check and pass within your team? Also, the UAC bar configured at my side is: "Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer".


The dev/canary version are not working at my side, no website are getting opened, the error displayed is Error code: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

The issue is reproducible on the latest Edge Version 80.0.361.66 (Official build) (64-bit).


To reproduce the issue, the user when moves to another window or uses Alt+Tab, and then comes to the modal-dialog window, the Modal-dialog window is no more visible. It take numerous tries and the short key Alt+Esc to find the Modal window.

This is causing user behavior impact and a blocker, before we release the Edge browser with compatibility to the users community.


Microsoft Edge Chromium Team, kindly help!

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@MSDN_Geek we recently made a fix for the showmodaldialog issue in the latest Canary.  If you can test it there, it should work for you.  That fix will eventually make its way to you when your version of Edge hits version 82.  As for the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION issue, are you running any Forcepoint software by any chance?  We've got a known issue where having Forcepoint software installed will cause this to happen.  

@josh_bodner, Thanks for the update!

Yes, we are using forcepoint. Further, looking forward to the release of the stable version 82 and i will check on that. Do you have any clue for the release cycle or the date when the changes will be in the stable version?

Thanks@josh_bodner !

As checked in the Version 83.0.461.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit).


Looking forward to the stable version to check this further.




@josh_bodner, can you help me confirm if the issue got fixed in v80 release? This will be helpful in rolling out to few of our internal users.  The issue for the Modal dialog is not occurring on version Version 80.0.361.111 (Official build) (64-bit).

However the issue existed in the version 80.0.361.62 as reported earlier.



@MSDN_Geek yes, we ported it back to version 80, and as you've seen, it is in patch 111, so you should be fine to roll that version out to your customers.  

@josh_bodner, Thanks. I could not find the release notes. Can you also possibly share the link for the release notes ? I referred the below link for finding:


Stay safe and best wishes.

@MSDN_Geek Since it was just a bug patch in that Stable build, they wouldn't have mentioned it specifically.  When it first came to the Dev channel, I mentioned it here: