IE Mode on edge 83 edge://flags/#edge-internet-explorer-integration not availalable?

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Recently we installed V81 edge and we enabled IE mode in edge tab with edge://flags/#edge-internet-explorer-integration. Since V83 update this option is not available any more so it seems and since we run a few internal legacy web apps we have to switch back to old IE11. I  have looked into  the release notes about this feature, but there seems no mention of this in the release notes of V83 

Anyone knows what has happened here? There is only a "Enable IE Diagnostic page" on the edge://flags page now


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@MarcelBernards Why you are not using GPO to enable IE mode ?


We are using GPO to push the settings


We are having the same problem here (strange is that it does not influence the whole company).

We have implemented it into Edge right from the start.


But since Tuesday users complaining that Edge ist opening "intranet" sites that are defined by us with XML within a new Internet Explorer. Behaviour like "old Edge".


It works for me -- i have

Version 83.0.478.37 (Official build) (64-bit)



I could take a look at a client where it is not working.

The reg key is wrong - so it cannot work.



Found the failure in one of our GPOs




I found this link that talks about installing the IE manager if not found - like in Chromium:


2. If you don't have an Enterprise Mode site list download the Enterprise Mode Site List Manger v2 from
(Note: the site list xml has to use the v2 scheme to work with Edge Chromium)
To create a site list open the Manager, click Add and type the domain that should use IE Mode (Note: just enter the plain domain, eg "" without the leading http:// or https://)
Under Compat Mode select IE8 Enterprise Mode
Under Open in select IE11 to open the site in Edge with IE Mode (Note: options "None" or "MSEdge" will open the site without IE Mode)
Click File > Save to XML and publish the site list in IIS or for testing just use the xml as local file on your PC

3. Download the Edge Chromium group policy template files from
Open the .zip file and go to policy_templates > windows > admx
Copy msedge.admx to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\
Copy all *.adml files from your language folder (eg. "en-US") to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\<your language folder>\

4. Open the Local Group Policy Editor and edit the following entries in Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates:
Enable Microsoft Edge > Configure Internet Explorer configuration and set it to Internet Explorer mode
Enable Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list and set the path to your XML-sitelist, either as URL (eg. or as UNC if you're using a local XML file (eg. file:///C:\test\list.xml)



Wow that's a lot of extra steps for something that should just be a setting that can be turned off and on.


Think I'll just stick with Firefox.


We experience the same problem and would like to rollout Edge Chromium, but we require IE mode for some legacy applications. Please respond in this thread if you found a workaround or solution. Thanks in advance :)

@baskb The best and most flexible solution is to use the Enterprise Mode Site.xml list.


It allows you to define a specific site to use IE mode, and if you still have IE, it allows you to also force specific sites to use Edge. (Which is handy when sites are no longer supported with IE11.)


The easy location is to drop the sites.xml policy into the \\<domain>\sysvol\ folder (or another folder location that all systems would have access to).


Microsoft has a tool that you use to create the XML file, and an easy document to follow here:

I'd recommend moving directly to the Schema v2 and use the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager (schema v.2)


That tool Creates the sites policy, and you use group policy to force the system to use the sites policy.


You just don't want to try and configure it via registry entries. Use the actual GPO to handle that integration:




  I had the the .xml sitelist created and pushed them out via GPO. However, my system where not going into IE mode. Once I created this reg key. Everything started work. Thanks!