IE Mode not working on v77 Dev using Site List

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I am unable to get IE Mode running intergrated in Edge using v77 Dev version of Edge. I have the IE Site list setup using open-in IE11 open-in this forces the site to open IE in a separate window (not intergrated in Edge). When i read the description however doing so should "Opens the site in Internet Explorer mode". 


To confirm the site list xml file is being read i then change it to to open-in MSEdge open-in it does open it in Edge (not IE Mode) so i can confirm the file is being read ok (making sure i wait waiting 65 between changes seconds).


When i configured open all intranet sites in IE mode it also works integrated in the Edge Browser as expected with the little IE logo on the left side of the adress bar.


So, can someone confirm what the syntax is i should be using in the site list xml file to open as specific site in IE mode intergrated in the browser? Or any other ideas what i could be doing wrong.  


My site list XML file is attached... 

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@Alan Burchill Can you please reattach your site list XML?

You may have already done this, but another thing to confirm is that the Enterprise Mode Site list is in the v.2 schema.

@Shilpa_Subramanian yes, i was using v2.... it was fixed in the next build of edge

@Alan Burchill this issue happened to me on the latest build of Edge, The previous build IE mode would work fine, but now it either opens in a new window or gives me a message saying I have to re-install using administrator permissions (which is false, as this was done, and the app is not installed in my user directory). I think it's a bug.