IE Mode makes the other Edge windows unusable

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Hello Team,


Edge Chromium: Version 83.0.478.37 (Official build) (64-bit)



In case a modal window is opened and the user open a new Edge Chromium browser window, the location bar do no consider the keyboard keys like backspace, Enter, arrow keys.

How to replicate:

1. Open Edge browser with a website on IE mode

2. Open a Modal window (showmodaldialog)

3. Open a new Edge browser window

4. Try typing something in address bar and modifying the text with either backspace, enter, arrow or ctrl+A keys.

5. The address bar ignores the keys, mentioned in Step-4.


@josh_bodner, is it a side impact of the fixes done for modal dialog issue? Can you pass this issue within your team pls?


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Is there any confirmation that this is an issue and whether it will be fixed?


I'm able to reproduce this in our environment.


We also seem to be having issues when trying to launch a new window in a separate domain from a modal using which feels related.


(Launching a new window in the same domain from a modal seems to work however).







Just to clarify my previous post:


After investigating further:

The issue seems to be more related to launching a new window from a modal dialogue when that new window is not running in IE Enterprise Compatibility mode (rather than a separate domain) that doesn't work.


We tried a workaround which partially worked, which was to first launch a new window located in the same site (and hence still running in compatibility mode). Then from that window we redirect to the actual url we wanted to navigate to.


However there was an issue that hampered this our workaround. If you try using with the url, the reference to that window that is returned from is null. If you use without a url, you do get the window object returned, but if you try to manually navigate to the url you want by setting the href, then the state of the window in that reference is instantly set to closed. So whilst not the end of the world, this means that you are not able to reuse this window that you opened if the user tries to launch the new window when it was already opened.


Another issue we found was when launching a new window from a modal running in IE Enterprise Compatibility Mode, the newly launched window would launch behind the modal.


But given all of this, still the original bug raised, where a modal being opened in a site running in Edge Compatibility Mode makes all other Edge windows unusable is the biggest issue for us at the moment (trying to piece by piece modernize an old site built within modals that runs only in IE6).





@davidnoack @dnoack @MSDN_Geek Hello!  I just talked to the team and they were able to release a fix for the original issue.  You should be able to test in MS Edge Beta Version 87.0.(652+).*


Please check it out and let us know if you are still are reproducing the issue.  Thanks for your feedback! 



@Kelly_Y, Thanks for the information and your team to fix this.


As per sanity checks on the Beta (Version 87.0.664.18), it looks fine. I will wait for the changes in the Stable version so that this can be checked in depth.