IE Mode in Edge "Error: No URL or invalid URL for EMIE Sitelist."

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Under diagnostics I get the error "Error: No URL or invalid URL for EMIE Sitelist." - if I force refresh it works.


The list was made with the Enterprise Mode Site List Editor - and once I force the refresh it spins like a top.


The site list is in XML and its hosted on https:// server that is using a internal CA signed cert (that is valid).


I have the option "Configure Internet Explorer integration" set to enabled with "Internet Explorer Mode".


Anyone else have this issue?


Edit: I attached my site list file (there's no internal sites inside it)

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@Angelworks42 I'm having a very similar issue.

I have IE Mode set to 0, and the SiteList as that error.  When I click Force Refresh, it loads immediately.  But if I close and reopen the browser, it's back to the error and no sitelist.  I have to Force Refresh everytime.


If I set IE Mode to 1, the sitelist works perfectly, but I no longer have the option to manually Reload Page in IE.  We need to have the "automatic" IE sites, but also manual ones for things like 'localhost' for our developers, but it's acting like it's either all or nothing.





Yeah I'm seeing the same behavior. The problem with that setting as well is I don't think it works on Windows 11 - which isn't a huge issue right now, but could be in another 6-12 months.

I might make a support ticket with MS.

@Angelworks42 @DanielOldenKamp Hello!  Just to confirm, are you using the InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel Policy when setting up IE mode?  (More information here: Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs)


In regards to allowing users to reload unconfigured sites in IE mode, are you using the InternetExplorerIntegrationReloadInIEModeAllowed Policy?  (More information here: Local site list for Internet Explorer (IE) mode | Microsoft Docs).  I don't think there should be a conflict between these 2 scenarios.  


Yes, if you are having issues please reach out to support.  They will be able to work with you directly and gather any private information necessary to figure out how to fix the issues you are having. Thanks! 





Sorry ! I See your reply , but I still don't know how to solve this . 

Please help . now when I open the edge browser , I need to clock force-update button to get myself enterprise sitlist .





@Cany_Lai Did you configure the InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel Policy to set up IE mode?  (More information here: Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs)





UPDATE: Turns out that Server 2019 as well as older versions of Windows 10 don't work properly, and the 'Open in IE Mode' button and/or menu option doesn't work.  This is with IE Mode set to 1. MS Support said they are working on a fix for 2019, but need to update to at least 20H2 or later for supported Win10.

Dear all :


Thanks  for your help ! now my enterprise sitelist is working , I don't click force update button . 

Thanks again 



I still have the problem with 2 pc's. I also have one pc that do not need the force update. The PC's are not in a domain so I use gpedit.msc to set the policy. The 3 PC's are setup the same way and I can not find out what is wrong. I am sure the sitelist.xml is OK. Does anyone have a solution to this?