IE Mode - HTML elements not working correctly

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So we have deployed the IE mode within Edge, successfully to a group of pilot users.


In the main it is working very well, however on some websites, we have some very specific issues with certain elements on a page not working despite the page correctly launching in IE11 mode.


1. Collapsible element, that is used to expand a body of text does not work.

2. Buttons, for example a PDF button that will download a copy of a PDF does not work (I inspected the code and can see this is calling a OnClick() function).


Both points above work fine when we load the sites in IE11 independently of Edge.


Would anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening or some troubleshooting we can try?






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Check which compatibility mode your pages are when in IE Mode. When in Edge -click on IE icon in front of address bar:




Then check the same information when page is open in IE11: click F12 and in right top corner of developer tools you will see mode used for IE11


You can also check Emulation tab in IE11 developer tools. If these doesn't matches with one that is used in Edge you may need to specify compatibility mode in pages source or in site list elements.

This may also affect scripts, as some functionality available in IE11 is not available in lover modes.