IE Mode by URL flag or change site to IE-Mode in Tools

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Hi there,


we are a small company with edge chromium stable 84 installed on our clients, managed by GPO.

We have configured IE-mode in GPO and using EnterpriseSiteListe-Manger to deploy the sites that should open in IE-Mode.


Following Problem:


One URL with a few Applications behind a Login are working in edge-chomium mode, but one Application needs IE-mode.

When Application URL is on ESLM-xml we get redirected to Login Page and Login is in edge-chomium mode.


Our Idea:

1. A flag at the beginn of the URL tells the browser to open in edge-chomium mode or in IE-mode so we can easily deploy two URLs on our Intranet.

2. Activate Other Tools -> Open Site in IE-Mode

  Here I only found the possibility to activate this feature by adding "--ie-mode-test" to the Desktop Shotcut. How can I enable this feature via GPO?

3. Edge can handle the login in edge-chomium mode and open the Application in IE-mode without new login.


Thx for help


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@markus_s85 Thanks for sharing your ideas, Markus! That's an interesting scenario; I'll pass this on to our IE Mode team and let you know if they have any thoughts. In the meantime, you're also welcome to submit this (and any other feedback or diagnostics) through the browser via the "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback. This helps our devs track all of the feature suggestions.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge



Hi fawkes,


I feel free to contact you again and I'll ask for any news to this feature.


In August I also sent a feedback, so maybe you'll be able to tell me some news?

@markus_s85 Hi!  Thanks for following up!  Like Fawkes mentioned submitting feedback through the browser is the best way to get the feature requests to our developers :smile:


In your original post, I noticed your second point had a question about the ie-mode-test flag.  Have you seen this policy?  It is available from MS Edge V86.  Hopefully it can help!