How to disable popup "The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the tab"?

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I am trying to open a web application in MS Edge in IE compatibility mode. Everytime I launch the application, a popup comes saying "The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the tab. Do you want to close this tab?"

Application works fine after clicking "Yes".

The popup is not generated if I launch the same application on Internet Explorer.


Is there a setting in Edge to disable this popup?

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@Gurmeet0107 Hello!  Are you the developer of the web application?  I found a similar report and wanted to confirm if it is the same situation.  Thanks!



@Kelly_Y Hello!! Yes I am the developer of the web application.

@Gurmeet0107 Can you confirm if these repro steps are similar to your scenario?


  1. Start with a tab that is loading in "MS Edge mode" (non-IE mode tab)
  2. Execute a call to a site that will load in IE mode
  3. The new window does show to be loading in IE mode
  4. In this new IE mode window execute a window.close() call
  5. After code is run users will see the prompt

The scenario works as expected with no prompting in following scenarios:

  • In standalone IE11.
  • If both windows for above repro load in "MS Edge mode" (non-IE mode tabs).
  • If both windows for above repro load in IE mode.


@Kelly_Y Hello!! Yes the repo steps are correct.

@Gurmeet0107 Hello!  We do have this issue in our backlog but no ETA for the fix.  There is a lot of work needed to fix.


One workaround suggested is to renavigate the jump page via script (using targeted at _self) prior to attempting its closure, it counts as a script-initiated window and no longer prompts in IE mode.  And the other workaround which you know, is to click through the dialog manually.  


Can you share how important this issue is and any impact?  I can pass this information on to the team.  Thanks!



@Kelly_Y Hello!! Thanks you for your response. So currently we are manually clicking the dialog as a workaround. The impact is low but it adds an extra click everytime application is launched by business users.

@Gurmeet0107 Thanks!  I've passed this along to our developers.  Please take a look at the workaround to see if it is a possible mitigation.  If there are any updates regarding a fix we will follow up.  



@Kelly_Y Is there anyway this issue can be tracked such as a public page that contains known issues for Edge?

@MEMFG_201116 Thanks for reaching out.  I do not know of a public issue tracker for MS Edge.  But we can keep this thread posted with updates.  



That'd be excellent. Thank you!

@MEMFG_201116 We are facing the similar problem in Azure cloud application as well. Is there any fix as of now

@VarunKumar If there is, I'm not aware of one.  You'd most likely need to ask @Kelly_Y as they are the only one in this thread that would probably know.

@MEMFG_201116 @VarunKumar Unfortunately, I don't see any recent updates from the team but I can monitor and share any new information in this thread. 


If you haven't had a chance yet, you can also submit feedback through the browser, which the team can use to prioritize.  ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)