How do I deploy custom (in-house) Chromium Edge extensions to my organization?

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We're in the process of moving our organization to the new (Chromium) Edge, and we are developing a custom extension we want to deploy to the users in our organization.


How do we go about deploying the extension to our users? 


The only information I've found talks about publishing the extension in the public Edge Addons Catalog, which requires a partner account and is more fitting for publicizing the extension. Seems a bit much, and we don't want users outside our organization using this extension.

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@Andrew Colombino Thanks for reaching out with that great question. We'll loop the Enterprise extension team in and let you know if they have any suggestions.


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@Andrew Colombino - If you do not want to publish your extension to store (as hidden as well), the other option is to host the extension in a location within your network that is accessible to all users' devices & use the extension install source policy (which allows you to set the network location from where the extension can be picked up) along with force install policy to deploy the extension.


Here is the policy documentation for your reference:
Extension install sources -

Force install policy -


Let us know if you have any other questions!