Hide address bar by policy request

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Good day, I'd like to request a feature to be able to hide the address bar by policy.


We have a use case where we'd like to hide the address bar to prevent users from browsing and typing in URLs to browse to.  We're aware of kiosk mode, but we don't want to lock the system down to just using the browser.  We'd like to allow tabs and the ability to close the browser.


Additionally support for "app" mode like Chrome does would help with this.


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@Jeffrey_Fronius ,


Unlike Legacy Edge, the new Edge can be configured to run in kiosk mode as a normal user too - you just need to use the right command-line args when launching Edge to have it run in kiosk mode (you could update the shortcuts too). Since you'll be running this as a normal user, they have access to the whole desktop environment. When Edge runs in kiosk mode, you have access to the KioskAddressBarEditingEnabled policy, which can be used to make the address bar read-only. While this does not hide the address bar, you can at least prevent your users from editing it.


FYI, the new Edge supports an "app" mode too.