GPO to control "Mini menu on text selection"

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I do not see any GPO to disable "Mini menu on text selection". There is only the option to turn off certain sites. I would like it completely turned off -- do not need this in my org.

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@kqf_chris Hi again!  I'm checking with the team about this one as well and will follow up with any insights from them.  Thanks! 



@kqf_chris Hello!  I just heard back from the team and they are working on creating the policy.  We will follow up once available.  





Hi Kelly_Y

Do you have an update on this? We need this GPO

-Regards Anders

@Anders Horgen @kqf_chris Hello!  I can see the team has worked on this policy.  I believe it will be called QuickSearchShowMiniMenu and it should be available from v104.  Please keep an eye out for the upcoming v104 releases.  New policies should be included in the Release Notes: Microsoft Edge release notes for Beta Channel | Microsoft Docs  Thanks! 



@kqf_chris @Anders Horgen Hello!  Quick follow up as I see the policy has been added to the policy documentation:


Meanwihile waiting on the 104 stable channel version, I have started to use the
"Initial_preferences" file. Ref: