GPO CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlockList dont work proper since at least Beta 106.0.1370.30

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Since this version edge://policy/ drops error on this 


Unfortunatly i have it only in German


2022-09-30 12_39_46-Start.png


Seems it doesnt accept alle documented key words any more


Yours Joachim

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@Joachim_T Hi!  Thanks for reaching out.  I'll check with the team and see if there are any known issues with the CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlockList policy.  



Hello, i didnt have time to check because i am in my holdiays. But it seems so far (V106.0.1370.42) nothing has changed to the better. Still error in the policy. This is a problem for us. because this policy is IMHO important for data leak prevention. To rollout V106 with this big error could cost my job or at least the company millions.

Sincerly Joachim

@Joachim_T Hello - I have not received any updates yet but I've followed up with the team. 


If this is a major issue for your organization, you can reach out to Support (Support - Microsoft Edge Developer) they may be able to address this issue quicker.  Thanks! 



Same problem here.
Interestingly we are also using German language.
Comparing your and our error message we could see that the pinterest entries are the problem ("pinterest_suggestions" and "send_pinterest").
Maybe a localization problem?

@Kelly_Y I can confirm this is occurring on the latest Stable release as well (106.0.1370.42):




Its still broken in 106.0.1370.47 and Beta 107.0.4118.8


@Joachim_T @lexcyn @offbyone Hi!  I have not heard any updates from the team.  Can you reach out to Support (Support - Microsoft Edge Developer) for this issue?  



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@Joachim_T @lexcyn @offbyone Hi Everyone!  I know it is has been a little while and not sure if this is still an issue but following up with some information.  The team confirmed that support for Pinterest suggestions within Collections was retired, which is why there is an error using that policy value.  We are working to update the policy documentation.  Thanks!