getting edge chromium over wsus

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Is there already an info when EDGE Chromium for Enterprise will be available and how to get it?


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Take a look at the details at the following link for information on piloting and deploying Edge for businesses:


our Wsus got it. 


@blue_admin_030 A new product was just added. You'll need to check this, and then do a sync.


@mhardy_CS I already did it but my windows 10 clients are reporting not applicable.

@alescan i have the same problem


@alescanI am getting the same issue also any update for this?


Also to note I can download the installer and manually install it but WSUS reports that the Win 10 Enterprise PC's are not applicable when they are. They are on 1909 also to note.

My guess is that these are Updates, not feature installs. So they might update your Edge install if you already had it, but won't install Edge if your PC does not. I don't see any other updates in WSUS right now, so we're all in the same boat.

@mhardy_CS @alescan 


Correct -- we just began publishing Edge updates to WSUS. They are only applicable to devices that already have the respective channel installed (Dev, Beta, Stable).


So for example, if you're using the latest ConfigMgr, you can deploy Edge natively from within ConfigMgr. After you do that, you can sync the Edge category from WSUS and deploy updates to these devices.


This doc has a walkthrough:





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@azeiglerthank you, I installed manually on a client for now and try.

Do we need to set up a specific GPO to point to wsus server for updates?

I guess there will be a moment in the future when you’ll release also the update from Edge Legacy to Edge Chromium through WSUS.

Any expected date for that moment?


After I manually installed edge, this morning i found a new edge update in WSUS and the computer report as needed.

I configured only the policy "Update policy override" to updates disabled

nice shot



Hello - are we now able to install and update the new edge using WSUS or it is still only the updates? 

Hi @Pramiti Bhatnagar -- the Edge WSUS updates are updates only -- Edge needs to be deployed/installed in order for the updates to apply. You can use the deployment wizard in ConfigMgr (see ), or just push out an MSI from, after which you can use the updates. There's also a nice video here ( that walks through Edge deployment options.


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We don't use ConfigMgr and are able to start pushing out Edge installer MSI as a standard group policy software deployment but do you know if the installer will make it in to WSUS at some point and if so, any ideas on when seeing as Microsoft are now pushing out to consumer devices via Windows Update.


Thanks for reading.

@blue_admin_030 it seems that Microsoft has started rolling this out through Windows Update. Still wondering if and when we will see it on the Update Catalog and WSUS.



@blue_admin_030 From today, feature instalers for Egde Chromium are offered in WSUS. Only for Windows 10 version 1803 and newer.

@Pavel_Tous wrote:

@blue_admin_030 From today, feature instalers for Egde Chromium are offered in WSUS. Only for Windows 10 version 1803 and newer.

Thanks, @Pavel_Tous !  Please see the following article for more information.  


Update in WSUS for the new Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, version 1809, 1903, 1909, and 2004: Octobe...