Fixed download URL's for MSI


For Edge Enterprise downloads we need fixed URL's (in de future) to automate downloading.

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Hi @Thilo Langbein, what do you mean by fixed download URLs?  The links on the page that you linked to all work correctly, and copy the latest MSI package, or policy zip file to my computer.  Are you seeing an error when you try to download?  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk I think what @Thilo Langbein means is, that he likes to automate the download.


Currently the actual Download URL is something like and seems to change with each Version.


The URL is a download-portal made for humans, not for machines. It is linking to the actual MSI-File and you have to accept a disclaimer first. 

@Gunnar Haslinger @Elliot Kirk 


Exactly that! No portal a fixed download url (per channel) even if the version changes.

@Thilo Langbein the direct downloads links for Beta Channel:



you find the direct url with the F12 Tools (same for Dev Chanel, etc.):



Thank you @SebaldJ.  I think that this is the best that we can do.  The actual file changes as each new build is published, but these redirects should always point to the latest published versions.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk It would be good to have a json manifest online with the current version numbers per channel and the corresponding download url's (msi packages).

It's hard to find the edge version number inside the msi.

We wrote an auto downloader to bring the msi's into the company network for internal deployment/distribution.