Features that are either broken or removed I'm not sure why or what happened

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Microsoft Edge Canary as of 10-31-2019 no longer renders web pages that require the Internet Explorer 11 rendering engine correctly. for example this page https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2700601/how-to-fix-errors-found-in-the-checksur-log


the long dos command near the bottom of this page is displayed in a side scrolling box with a scroll bar (this is not the way this page is supposed to be displayed. Previously this page was displayed properly in the Microsoft Edge canary version from 10-30-2019. In Microsoft Edge canary from 10-30-2019 this page was displayed without the side scrolling text box and the text was word wrapped at the margins and went down the page vertically instead like it is supposed to be displayed.


also Edge Canary doesn't have the shrink to fit web page scale option in the printer dialog box anymore. I was able to do this before, then after the update from 10-31-2019 onward this scale to fit option is gone.


Please put these features back in to edge, they are very useful.

The Internet Explorer 11 Built-In Rendering Engine built in to Edge Browser used to be built right in to edge canary without the need to launch Internet Explorer 11 so that the pages like the above web page url are rendered properly and right within Microsoft Edge canary itself without the need to launch old outdated and broken Internet Explorer 11.


Also Printer option shrink to fit for printing web pages is a great and unique feature, that Internet Explorer 11 & Microsoft Edge used to have, so please put this feature back in too.


Google Chrome does not have shrink to fit option in it's printer dialog options box.


If these options are never coming back than maybe someone could send me a virtual machine .ova 

 file that has this version of edge canary from 10-30-2019 installed in it under windows 10. Of course a deactivated copy of windows 10 that has the serial number and product key removed via the slmgr command. 


if someone were to just duplicate their virtual machine and remove the serial number and product key but have edge canary from 10-30-2019 installed then I could just activate that copy of windows 10 with my own purchased license key.


Unless someone could send me an installer .exe or .msi for the previous version of edge canary, then I just disable auto update on the edge canary updater app.


I would have done all this myself when I had the chance, but I  had just discovered Microsoft Edge canary and got everything working, and went to bed at 5:30 am after working 12 hours trying to find a browser that could render these above pages like the one in the above url  correctly and also save the page is a pdf form.    Edge canary was working and did all of this, but then when I turned on my virtual machine 2 days later on November 1st 2019, I see that the Edge Canary browser had been auto updated and the Internet Explorer 11 built in rendering engine broken or removed.   :(


So now I am stuck and back to square one :)


so someone please have pity on me and help me with this,

I will pay for this if anyone can get this for me or if the browser can be updated again and these features put back in please.


Thank You :)



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