Feature Request: Manage the default Layout for New Tabs via group policy


I did a search through the various Edge discussions and I found a few others that had requested more control over the New Tab experience in Edge via group policy. Specifically, it would be ideal if our organization can set a default Layout (e.g., Informational) instead of having to rely on the current default (Inspirational) and train users.


  1. Are there any plans to incorporate more granular control over the New Tab experience via GPO? 
  2. Have others found reasonable alternatives (aside from user training) to set a default Layout?
  3. Is there a better way to request a feature such as this?
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@BShipe Hello!  We do have many ways for Admins to control the New Tab Page through policy and Microsoft 365 admin center but there is currently no way to control the Page layout (ex:

Focused, Inspirational, Informational).  


The team is investigating adding this policy and I've passed on your feature request!  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Good morning! Thank you for the quick response and for passing along our request.


I'll let our team know and we'll be on the lookout for future enhancements!