Feature request: gpo to disable the game under "edge://surf"




Since Microsoft Edge 82.* there is a offline game in the browser integrated. See here:


In productive environments (companys) it is normally not wanted, that employees playing games at work. Could you please add a gpo to hide/disable this game.

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Once again Microsoft seems to have no understanding of Enterprise needs. I Support your request.

I manage Edge in a enterprise environment and see no such a big problem with this crap.
It's unnecessary yes, but no a real problem.
I am much more annoyed by the cloud sync stuff.
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@htcfreek We are adding a policy to disable the edge://surf game in 82. It will be available in a future Dev release.

@Brian Altman my kids are playing this constantly while I'm trying to do home schooling. Is this available to home users to disable? Losing my mind and pass on my frustrations to the dev team.

@Bigman460 The only way I know how to do this is by disabling it is using the Allow surf game policy. However, this may not work on your home device because it depends on which edition of Windows you're running. Try following the guidance in the Configure Microsoft Edge article. Note on a local device place the ADMX and ADML files in the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\* folder and use Local GP Editor to set the policy.

Hello,I have the same problem. Did you find how to block this game? Thanks