Exit code 1603 during setup


Install failed first during setup version 80.0.361.48 over 79.0.309.71. Installing then again mentioned version 79 (as it was removed during 80 setup) … ok. Tried again 80, failed. (In detailed log I saw “Error 1722”). Then updated Windows (10, had old 1803), surely restarted etc., then installed over 79 again 80.0.361.48, this time ok, then 80.0.361.50, ok, but starting with 80.0.361.54 same happen – exit code 1603 and error 1722 in detailed log. First time I saw this error even deleting old Edge directories didn’t help out, this time .54 over .50 I see in Edge application directory (80.0.361.50) just msedge.dll there, nothing more. Can’t delete it, don’t know which process has it, Process Explorer show 0.
As I setup new Google Chrome versions wo any such … problems over and over again (if problems arise, I just delete old directories), I not keen to restart my test computer, just not yet, rather trying to find out … why this error appear? Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.

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Managed to remove this dll, but still can’t install Edge.

Nope, after restart very same. Good – then we can sort it out, hopefully. Edge Update is installed, but nothing more.

Well, got it – seems to some Edge installation/update policy interfere here. I’m almost 99% sure policies were same from 79.0.309.71 till 80.0.361.54, but I might be wrong and perhaps some functionality was changed. So, my fault after all.